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Five ideas for a creative photo

When it comes to photography, I’m as much of a novice as the next person. I haven’t taken a photo since the days of film, and now that I have a decent camera in my pocket, I don’t know quite what to do with it. But that’s why we have creative challenges like this one! Here are some ideas for making your photos interesting

Make it scary with something unexpected

To make your photo more interesting, try using a portrait lens to make the subject look bigger. A wide aperture (low f number) will also make it stand out, as well as using a flash to pop the subject out from its background. Slow shutter speed can create motion blur and make for an interesting effect in some cases.

Create a juxtaposition between two unrelated images.

  • Use a photo editor to combine two photos.

  • Combine two photos in a collage.

  • Use a photo editor to combine two photos into one, then use a filter to make it look like one photo.

Look for interesting patterns and capture them in the right light.

There are many types of patterns that you can find in the world around you. Look for interesting geometric shapes and colors, especially those that repeat themselves.

Look for patterns in nature. A rainbow is a great example of a natural pattern, but look for other interesting examples like clouds or tree bark.

Look for patterns in architecture and buildings, such as repeating windows or lines on walls.

Look for patterns in everyday objects like furniture, clothing, fabrics and food items like vegetables or fruits (think about how they are arranged on display shelves at grocery stores).

Look for patterns in people by finding symmetrical features like their hairline and eyes; notice how their clothes fit together or the way they stand with their hands clasped behind their backs; look closely at their facial features (nose vs cheekbones); notice how lean muscles intersect with fatty deposits under skin tone; check out how facial hair grows across different parts of the face (elements from this list could be used singly or combined)

Make use of your surroundings to tell a story.

One of the most powerful and effective ways to tell a story is to use your surroundings. The environment can help set the mood, tone, or even create conflict. Take this example of a couple posing at an archery course. They are in the middle of a game and laughing together as they shoot their arrows at targets across from them. This image conveys that they are having fun together—and it shows just how close they are as friends or lovers!

The best way I’ve found for using my surroundings is by looking for contrast between myself and my subject(s). I want there to be some sort of difference between what we are doing because it adds interest to the photo—you don’t want boring photos!

Shoot from the perspective of an object.

Shoot from the perspective of an object.

This can make for some really interesting photos and is a great way to use a tripod to keep the camera steady while you experiment with different angles. You can also use a wide-angle lens, which will distort your image and give it an artsy feel. Try it out with objects like balls, chairs or even people! Just remember that if you want to take a photo that shows your subject in its entirety (like this one), you’ll have to move back and forth until you find just the right angle for what you’re photographing. And don’t forget about using your camera’s viewfinder!

Try these ideas to make your photos interesting.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are five ways to make your photos more interesting:

  • Capture the story behind an object

  • Use your surroundings to tell a story

  • Look for interesting patterns in your surroundings

  • Shoot from the perspective of an object (e.g., look up)

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